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US Gunmakers Can Sell Arms Abroad.

The gun market across the pond meaning east, west, north or south can be a bit strained due to a massive number of regulations and restrictions. When writing for HuntingMark .com I have often written about products that were restricted, or at least required the assistance of the product manufacturers when getting those products into a specific country. For example, there are American gun manufacturers that just will not establish much if any degree of pipeline in product to country X, or Y. In terms of the exact reason why I must say straight away that the answer is well behind the scope of my knowledge.

Back a few years ago during my string of years hunting in Australia, and having access to firearms of all types here in the states, I did for a period of time facilitate some exchanges between the Australian gun market and my little company as applied to a brand new gun shop that has opened in that country. I was able to acquire products here in the USA through my Federal Firearms License, but like in some market situations involving weapons of any type, the whole process did require the air to do a professional licensed import. export agent. This to my knowledge was an easy deal to facilitate as I would research the availability of given firearms or several firearms, set up the deal with the store selling the products like guns scopes, scope rings, etc., and with the approval of the gun shop down under make the deal, pay for the sale, and then have the weapons shipped directly to the export agent.

When received the agent would do his thing and set up the shipping paper world to Australia which by the way is no easy task. I would work through paper for almost a full year through my guides down there just to bring one or two test rifles into the country for a series of hunts. I would tend to believe if you can do this deal in Australia you can do it in almost any place that is a free market society. Gun laws down under are as tough as hell.

If working as an individual and I did exactly that on occasion the methods were only different regarding the ability to get the ball moving. In this case, I did my own shipping to my licensed export agent and he covered the bases from there.

A word to the wise at this time: stay away from England by any measure. If hunting across the big pond in Africa by example do not ship through England or even New York City. These are the choke points that are filled with trouble.

Bypass using other routes and if you are dealing with sales of a firearm again your export agent can be a major help in this case.

During my hunting trips across the world, I found that places like South America, Russia, and other dictator-based countries can be slim to none even if a gun is needed due to the failure of the weapons brought into the country. Selling firearms through marketing services in these countries is also just about a no-go situation, however, in that state, I have over 100 Facebook friends in Russia and bordering countries that shoot American rifles for long-range events and big game hunting. Those firearms came from someplace, therefore there is a pipeline set up in some way to be sure.

To be advised I do not consider myself as some kind of expert in this matter, but again I have sold out of the country on several occasions, and in one contact for several years. By using the methods I have outlined above everything was a smooth ride across the bog pond.

In this business do not try and just wing it and cut corners. Stay with the professionals that know their business, and everything will run smoothly to the end of the sale or project. As to where you find an export agent? Just google the need and take your pick. Be sure and follow up with a check on exactly who you are dealing with and ask for proper credentials. That can save you a pile of grief in the end.

To be sure there will be paperwork, and even with the help of the export services, you will have to do your part regarding varied document preparations.

In terms of time on task, it would take me about three months to get sales to any foreign country completed from my door to the commercial gun shop involved in the sale.

In the area of cost, it is advised to be sure of who is covering what fees. This can be an expensive venture and I have made transactions whereas the firearm tripled in price because of the government requirements and the base price of the product in the given country being considered.

Photos 4727: American products are endless but getting it to a foreign market can be tricky.

Photo 4795: The largest gun show in the world ( sporting products ) SHOT SHOW, is represented by many foreign countries across the world. ( 2019 )

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