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Work Order Form
(Must be sent with your parts for gunsmithing service)
Cerakote services


Single Color Slide Only - $70.00

Single Color Frame Only - $70.00

Single Color Slide & Frame - $120.00

Two Color Slide & Frame - $150.00

Add Barrel - $50.00

Add Small Parts - $20.00 (each part)

Replace Channel Liner - $10.00

Disassembly & Reassembly:



Battleworn - $200

Tiger Stripe - $250

Multicam Pattern - $300


When having your own parts Cerakoted, please be aware of your manufacturer's warranty.  Wolfpack Armory will NOT be responsible for replacement of any part that has warped or been damaged due to the temperature of our Cerakoting oven.

It is YOUR responsibility to contact the manufacturer about whether or not your part can withstand being Cerakoted.


AR Platform:

Single Color Upper & Lower - $80.00

Single Color Upper, Lower, Handguard - $130.00

Add Barrel - $80.00

Add Small Parts - $25.00(each part)

Bolt Action Rifle:

Bolt Action Barreled Action, Bottom Metal,

& Scope Rings - $250

AK Platform:

AK Barreled Action - $150

AK Furniture - $100

Gunsmithing Services

We provide a wide range of custom gunsmithing and manufacturing services.

Please contact us about availability before sending parts in.

Gunsmithing Minimum Charge - $100

Shop Rate - $120/hr.


Bolt Action Rifle Gunsmithing Services

Bolt Knob Machining & Installation

Barrel Threading

New Barrel Chambering & Installation

Blueprint Bolt & Action

Install Muzzle Device

Stock Bedding

Trigger Installation & Adjustment

Scope Mounting

AR15 Gunsmithing Services

Cut and Thread Barrel to specific length

Pin & Weld Muzzle Device

Gas Block Pinning

A2 Front Sight Post Removal

Assemble Parts Kit

Machine 80% Lower

Handgun Services

Slide Machining (Lightening Cuts and Serrations)

RMR Slide Cut

1911/2011 Build Services

Barrel Threading

Sight Installation 

AK47/74 Gunsmithing Services

Re-Barrel AKM

Populate Barreled Action

KNS Piston Install

Assemble Parts Kit

Furniture Fitting and Install

Pin & Weld Muzzle Device

General Gunsmithing Services


Scope Mounting




Engraving Services

NFA/Compliance Engraving

80% Lower Engraving

Custom Engraving

Coating Services

Black Nitride Coating for Steel & Stainless Steel

Chrome Plating Barrel Bore and Chamber

Magnesium Phosphate (Parkerizing)

Hardcoat Anodizing For Aluminum (Select Colors Available)


Carbon Fiber barrel services 
Bolt Action - $70 (Thread + Recrown) +$15/inch
AR15 - $20 (Recrown) +$13/inch
PCC standard (0.75 inch O.D.) - $20 (Recrown) +$13.50/inch
PCC UL (1 inch O.D.) - $20 (Recrown) +$15/inch
BA Thread Protector - $25
BA Muzzle Brake - $100
AR10 - $20 (rcrown) +$16.50/inch/inch
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