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Adjustable Gas Block Tuning and Adjustment

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Adjustable gas blocks are a good way to regulate the amount of gas that operates the bolt on a direct impingement rifle. Most factory rifles are over gassed by the manufacturer so that they will cycle more reliably through a vast range of ammunition. By regulating the amount of gas by using an adjustable gas block, you will notice less recoil and more reliable cycling.


Wolfpack Armory Adjustable Gas Blocks are adjusted from the muzzle end of the gas block so that they can be adjusted with a railed handguard installed.

WPA uses a backed set screw so that your adjustment will not change even under full auto fire. Using a 3/32" hex driver, remove the first set screw (shorter) and set it aside while tuning the system.


To tune your system, you will first need to run the nickel alloy set screw (longer) all the way to the closed position and back the screw out 1/4 turn.

NOTE: If you plan on making frequent adjustments to your gas block, we recommend using anti seize compound on both set screws to prevent carbon buildup in the threads.

IMPORTANT: For fine tuning with silencers or specific ammo, you will need to make sure to tune the system using the specific parts and/or ammo.

Next, insert 1 round into your magazine. Fire the single round and see if the bolt locks to the rear.

If the bolt does not lock back, repeat this process by turning the nickel set screw 1/4 turn at a time until the bolt locks to the rear.

Once the bolt holds open, replace the front set screw by running to up tight against the adjustment screw.


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Ryan Wells
Ryan Wells
01 oct. 2020

Does the 300 AAC Blackout complete upper come with this adjustable gas block or do I need to buy it separately?


Ryan Wells
Ryan Wells
10 sept. 2020

This was an awesome post. Very helpful and I appreciate you guys emailing me the invite for it. I'm actually waiting on an order from you guys for my 80% AR Lower and my .300 Blackout side charging compete upper. Also waiting on an email back because I wanted to know if the upper comes with this adjustable gas block or if I need to buy that separately.... thanks again, great read.

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