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AR45 and 10MM Tuning

AR45 and AR10MM can be tricky to build into reliable rifles and pistols. However, with the correct tuning your 10MM Auto or .45ACP can be just as reliable as your AR9 or AR15. This tutorial is to show gun builders some of the tuning that Wolfpack Armory does when assembling a large frame Glock magazine lower. This does not apply to all parts on the market. Wolfpack Armory parts are designed to be versatile and can be tuned to work with .45ACP and 10MM Auto for both blowback and DI operation.

Blowback Tuning:

The first step to tuning your AR45 is trimming your ejector. The ejector needs to fully clear your bolt carrier, even the slightest amount of resistance could cause cycling issues. This step may or may not be necessary, but is the first thing that needs checked.

Next, you will need to set your magazine height. The easiest way to do this is remove the buttplate, spring, and magazine follower from your magazine and remove the ejector from the lower. You will then want to insert the magazine into the magwell make sure the magazine locks into place with the bolt closed.

If the magazine does not lock into place or if the bolt carrier rubs the feed lips, the magazine release will need material removed from the top of the tab until it clears.

Now reinstall the ejector and do the same process of making sure the magazine locks into place. If the magazine does not lock in place with the ejector installed, remove material from the bottom of the ejector until it locks into place.

*WPA Gen 1 and early Gen II AR45 lowers had a smaller magazine release contact area. If you are having cycling issues due to the magazine sitting too low, please contact Wolfpack Armory to get an updated magazine release. A modification may need to be done to the lower receiver for the new magazine release. You can send your lower in to Wolfpack Armory to have the modification performed free of charge. Here is an illustration of the modification for those of you who are willing and able to perform it yourself.

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